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Under Age Band

Photos and words by: Richard Roesler

 Mancuso Harley Davidson decided to celebrate its 33rd year in business by throwing a big Texas bash! This included a bikini bike wash, several food and adult beverage vendors, MC related things of course and the first annual Battle of the Bands! With a grand grize of a $5000 for multiple shows at Mancuso HD. There was a variety of music for just about every taste, so while you may not have liked every group, you were sure to walk away with a new group to start enjoying.

The bands were each allowed 20 sets with each using the same drum kit, to speed up change outs. And while the day progressed pretty steady and the artist all giving it their best.  Two bands seemed to stand out, based on the crowds reaction that being Badhouse and Red Tiger. With only two bands left in the rotation.  Hold on Hollywood and Worhol, the skies began to darken and the lighting and rain began to move into the area. With safety being the main issue The good folks at Mancuso had to pull the plug, but guarantied the fainal two bands would get their chance in the future.

Due to the schedules of each band it was reset for the Thursday before Memorial Day weekend at a smaller venue and while it was a nice place, the sound system at the club did not compare to what was in place at Mancuso.  I cannot say whether that had any impact on the judging or not, merely an observation.  With the final two acts now complete, it was up to the judges to make the final decision.  With only one point separating the winner from the second place finisher.  The grand prize was awarded to Red Tiger, with Hold On Hollywood getting the other spot. However if for any reason the winners are unable to fulfill their obligation HoH would step up.

For the first Battle of the Bands I'd say Mancuso HD did a pretty good job. I guess we'll have to wait and see if we have a Battle of the Bands 2?  The winners Red Tiger will be performing 10 shows for Mancuso and be sure to check out all the other bands around town!   Till Next Time, Richard Roesler


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