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The Monkees

Photos by: Barry Sigman

Words by: Gina Sigman

October 22, 2016 Paso Robles —60’s  pop band, The Monkees,  took fans on a nostalgic journey to their youth as they performed under the star lit sky of

Vino Robles Amphitheater.  Comprised of 2 of its original members, Mickey Dolenz and Peter Tork, the band carries on the legend and music that baby boomer and even younger generations have come to embrace.   One might describe the Monkees’ history similar to that of Pinocchio.  In other words, a make-believe band on a TV show whose wish came true to become a real band. (Without their noses growing longer of course!)  The show, which aired from 1966-1968 included the late beloved heart throb, Davie Jones, Michael Nesmith, Mickey and Peter.  After the show ended, the mop-topped foursome continued making music and touring until 1971.  Since then, the band has continued to “Monkee” around, returning to the concert circuit for many reunions.

Saturday’s concert featured many of their popular songs including “Last Train To Clarksville”, “She”,  “Pleasant Valley Sunday”,  “I Wanna Be Free”, and Micky’s classic, “Randy Scouse Git”; complete with  fringed table cloth and tympani drum.  Before the encore song, “I’m a Believer”, began, Mickey prefaced it with a disclaimer for the younger crowd.  “Contrary to what you younger kids might think, Shrek did not write this song.”  The Monkees are currently on tour, promoting their newest album, Good Times. For those who did not attend, it was an evening of fun for the young and the old proving that the band has “still got something to say”.




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