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Kinky Friedman

Photos by: Barry Sigman

Words by: Gina Sigman

June 10, 2017 Santa Ynez, CA —Songwriter/musician, orator and novelist, Kinky Friedman , appeared in concert for The Jones Fest.  The 72-year-old country legend from Texas, is known for his wit and satirical lyrics such as

 Say, partner, can't you read the sign?
We reserve the right to refuse service to you,
Take your business back to walgreen's,
Have you tried your local zoo?
You smell just like a communist,
You come on through just like a jew,
We reserve the right to refuse service to you.

Local area residents sat in lawn chairs and on blankets  at the Jone’s  residence in a backyard setting, as they chuckled and clapped to his humorous tales  and songs.   Friedman is also a rancher and figure in the Texas political arena which include a run for governor in the 70’s and for JP of Kerville in 1986. His latest novel, “Thank You For Being Late,” is available  on Google Play and Audible.


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