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Kaleo at Revention Music Center - Houston, Texas

Photos and Words by Richard Roesler

October 02, 2017 - I admit when I saw that Kaleo was coming to town, I was excited, not because they were coming.  But because ZZ Ward was on tour with them!  I knew nothing about these young men from Iceland.  Remember I only know 5 bands, although I’m not sure a giant annoying purple dinosaur qualifies as a band?  Yet it seemed almost every time I mentioned ZZ, Id get “Yeah she rocks and Kaleo is coming too!

So I began to surmise that there maybe something to all this hubbub.  As I wandered out to wait on their set I noticed lots of young ladies front and center, many with hands full of roses!  But don’t be mislead these guys are not a boy band, they just happen to be likable by the ladies.  There were plenty of guys there for the powerful music and some Im sure drug there-by-their ladies, yet left at nights end a fan.

While I couldn’t tell you what the three songs were they opened with, I can tell you they only got stronger with each song!  JJ Julius Son has a powerful voice!  So upon my return home that evening I decided to learn more about this band Kaleo.  Seems they’ve only been in the US for a few years, but keep gaining praise, making list after list of ones to watch.  And it is easy to understand why, although I haven’t had a chance to download their music yet (hence why I’m still unsure of the songs) be assured it will be happening…maybe now?

Till next time,

Richard Roesler

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