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Barb Wire Dolls at Warehouse Live

Photos and Words by Richard Roesler 

November 16, 2017 - So B.W.D. made their way back to town and Warehouse Live to put on a show and I got to tell you I was disappointed…not in the kick ass show these folks put on!  No what, was disappointing, was you bunch of watching the mold grow in your shower, I had to stay home and binge watch “Where’s Waldo” live music aficionado’s.  I mean it was better for those of us that were there, I’m just hoping the rest of their Lone Star stepped up to redeem Texas?  I was ready to follow them to San Antonio for the next days show!

However if you did have an excused absence, I’m sorry, you missed a heck of show!  And a bit of controversy as well, with both opening acts the band had been touring with pulling out in the days prior.  Since there are two sides to every story, I only mentioned with regards to them overcoming that obstacle and continuing on. 

The show was, foot to the floor, full throttle, from the first song!  And Isis sang her pretty little heart out!  You might think the “The Dolls” would reference Isis, Xtine and Iriel, however BWD started out as Isis Queen, Pyn Doll on lead guitar and Krash Doll on drums, both guys.  Ill let the ladies decide if they’re dolls?  With Ariel & Xtine joining a bit later. 

You will notice that some images were taken with a flash, which is defiantly not the norm for concert photography!  I had commented on Instagram that I was looking forward to the show and made an inquiry about some images as the photographer had used flash. I assumed it might have just been the bands Photog, but received this reply, “We allow photographers to use whatever they want so YOU can be proud and happy of YOUR art!”  Damn, now that was a first! Too bad my newest flash seemed to have developed issues on its last motorcycle trip and the older one has its own unique quirks going on!  I considered taking some studio lights, but figure that might be pushing it?

I picked up a couple of the vinyl’s, which they sell with an option for a digital download inside as well.  Trouble is, I don’t want to open them, as they’ll be worth more virgin once they’re mega stars.  I can confirm I have added Barb Wire Dolls to my list of bands that I’m going to pay-to-play, an exclusive show for me to photograph!  Along with ZZ Top, Lindsey Stirling, Alice Cooper, Nita Strauss and Metallica!  Now where did I leave this-weeks lotto ticket or if you’re interested, I have a 7 million dollar Metallica image for sale…I might invite you to my BWD, ZZT, LS, AC, NS, M show?  I might also need more then seven million dollars though, oh well.

Till Next Time,

Richard Roesler  

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