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Lindsey Stirling - Warmer In The Winter Tour

Photos and Words by Richard Roesler 

November 27, 2017 - I have had the great pleasure of getting to attend & photograph Lindsey Stirling shows since her first tour, when it was just her and her 2 friends Gavi & Drew and it was an amazing show!  I’ve watched as it grew to a couple of back up dancers, to the full-fledged production of the most recent Warmer In The Winter tour.  For myself, it was a given, even back in 2012, that this young lady was going to far!  She is talented, she is beautiful, she is genuine and she is unique!

She transcends pretty much every social line, from the video gamer sitting in the dark, to the young girl with her violin, to grandparents and even the biker that may have just passed you on the highway.  My first approval in 2013 was through, then a year or so ago I came upon a painting by a well know motorcycle lifestyle painter Eric Herrmann, who's image titled ”Looking Back”, depicts a figure in a window in a very familiar pose playing a violin.  When I inquired if that was Ms Sterling, I received the reply  "It may or may not be". I'm pretty sure Ms Lindsey wouldn't mind, if it were her I mean.

I have also gotten the pleasure of discovering many of the various artist that Ms Lindsey tends to collaborate with, that I might not have know otherwise, like Megan Nicole, ZZ Ward and most recently Alaxander Jean, feathering husband and wife team BC Jean and Mark Ballas, opening on the Warmer In The Winter tour.  While I don’t own a TV, I did keep up with Lindsey’s recent appearance on DWTS, which paired with her partner Mark.  Making it all the way to the finals and now her comment to Mark makes more sense about hitting the tour.

She continues to sell out shows around the world, yet performs in venues that still allow for a personal feel, such as Revention Music Center here in Houston.  Big, but not yet a stadium, I love getting to photograph her as she Always looks at the camera!  Of course my ugly mug has been pointing one at her for 4 tours now, she might be wondering how I keep getting in?

 Till Next Time

Richard Roesler

P.S. Ms Lindsey & management, next time you visit Houston, I’m requesting “full show” access.  No back stage, Please just let me photograph the entire thing!

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