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Alexander Jean at Revention Music Center - Houston, Texas

Photos and Words by Richard Roesler

November 27, 2017 - In case you haven’t taken time to check out their music Alexander Jean is composed artists BC Jean & Mark Ballas.  Now I’m not gonna lie, this talented duo open for Lindsey Stirling on her Warmer In The Winter tour and as they were interacting with the audience, Mark spoke about being from Houston (cool), but they had just celebrated their one year wedding anniversary as well!  

Yet still I had not snapped to the Lindsey Stirling connection, other than being her opening act.  The young lady just always surrounds herself with talented people, so I am use to and thankful at discovering new artist through Lindsey.  Mark and BC spoke about their 3 number ones hits on iTunes Singer Songwriter chart, BC along with the amazing voice, has written such songs as About A Boy I enjoyed hearing her sing, her song.  I really enjoyed their set and knew I would be checking out more about them later that evening, but I was there for Ms Lindsey.

And while I have shared I don’t own a television I did keep up with Ms Lindsey’s recent appearance on Dancing With The Stars, making it all the way to the finals with her partner Mark Ballas, (still not making the connection!).  Although they did not win (I Demand A Recount).  I was taken back when Lindsey commented something along the lines of “Okay Mark lets hit the tour”.  I was like young lady you do not have time to be doing a DWTS tour as you are due in Houston on Monday to play!

No it wasn’t until I started to research Alexander Jean, did not only her comment, but that name Mark Ballas FINALLY registered and Ms Stirling comment began to make sense.  I never claimed to be the brightest bulb in the pack.

You should also check out the latest Alexander Jean song & video We Three Kings with their friend Casey Abrams!  I'm looking forward to the next AJ visit to Houston!

Till Next Time,

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