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Live at the Woodlands

Photos and Word by Richard Roesler 

July 22, 2018 - So I caught up with the boys of Live as roamed across the United States with Counting Crows on the 25 Years and Counting tour.  The show was rockin with the guys braving the, it ain’t even August yet temps!  Seems there was a surprise for us “pit monkeys”, with the fact that there was no pit.  This of course allowed for a select group of fans to get a bit more up close and personal with bands.

While it did make getting images a bit more of a challenge as I was shooting through and over the crowd, sorry Chad & Chad.  The folks that paid for the pleasure of getting a bit closer were worried about getting in my way.  I’d tell to enjoy the show, and not worry about me.  That I would shoot between the good times and tried my best not to block their view!

As a music photographer, it is always cool when the band or artist likes the picture you took of them as they see so many of themselves each time the play. So its pretty cool Ed has been using one, as his Instagram avatar, at least the last time I checked.  So even with some minor challenges, I got to enjoy a great show, met some nice folks in the VIP area and got an ok image of Ed.  Not bad for Sunday evening.

Till Next Time,

Richard Roesler

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