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Grace VanderWaal at the Woodlands Pavilion

Photos and Words by Richard Roesler

August 4, 2018 - I had the privilege to photograph Imagine Dragons recently; being it was a Sunday show I arrived earlier that usual due to lees traffic across town, the show however was sold out!  I inquired as to who the opening act was, but the person I asked didn’t know much more that “ a 14 year old young lady”.  Interesting I thought, but got distracted and didn’t ponder on it anymore.  Upon being escorted out to the pit, I notice Grace on the drum and her full name on the back wall of the stage, which is laid out with a large area rug with a flower border and flowers going up the mic stand.   Hum Grace VanderWaal, still not registering, remember I don’t own a TV and there are just so many artist about these days.  You cant always stay informed, no matter how hard you might try.

However you knew she had to be something special, she’s opening for ID!  Making her way on stage I noticed Ms Grace is very lovely young lady with a nice smile, then she steps up the microphone with her ukulele and started singing, oh my gosh!  I would have never believed that voice was coming out of that young lady if I wasn’t witnessing it for myself!  Ms Grace also does what I refer to as a Tigger bounce (Tiggers Like to Bounce); I was just never able to capture the moment, she recently posted an image titled “flying” which is applicable as well.

So returning to sort images I shared my first one and was greeted with “Likes” by the rather large Grace following!  Heading to YouTube I just happened to come upon her AGT audition, “Oh I remember seeing this on before leaving FB, I was impressed, as was everyone else!  But that was a couple years ago, no TV and then boom, I rediscovered her!  The one thing I’m still a bit confused about is I’m fairly certain I saw her just a few days ago, but upon viewing the MTV Push: Artist to Watch video of Ms Grace performing ‘River” I’d swear that was 7 months in the future, not the past.  Strictly, as she appears a bit older is all.  I did however do as instructed by the MTV title and watched her videos!  I will most assuredly will be paying closer attention now, I mean I follow her on Instagram now.

Till Next Time,

Richard Roesler

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