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Like A Storm at the Woodlands Pavilion

Photos & Words by Richard Roesler

August 11, 2018 - I do not ever check out an artist or bands music before a show if I’ve never heard of them, as I want that first live experience to be my weathervane of approval.  Some bands and artist are just better with the music that comes out of the studio!  Maybe they’re burnt out from too much touring, maybe they do not even like touring, but their record label said you gotta!  Or, Maybe, just Maybe, they just really love hearing themselves sing and wanted a gold record? 

For the New Zealand export, the Brooks Brothers +1, of Like A Storm I’m going to have to say I now have to go hear their studio stuff, cause they sounded great and put on a heck of a show!  Of course sitting here after the fact and checking out the artists they’ve toured and shared a stage with, its sort of a given they were going to be good!  Plus I have to say it was my first rock concert that I can recall there being a didgeridoo at?  But you couldn’t call it Didgeridoo Metal without it!  Seem all the brothers Chris; Matt & Kent play a variety of different instruments with Zach Wood on drums and percussion.

Like A Storm is currently on tour with Shinedown and Godsmack, so there is plenty of incentive to check them out if you’re like me and just got to the LAS party!  Got to apologize for the lack of images of Matt and Zach, a restrictive pit monkey enclosure didn’t bode well for movement.  But does allow the fans to get that much closer and that’s what its all about!

Till Next Time

Richard Roesler

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