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Shinedown at the Woodlands Pavilion

Photos and Words by Richard Roesler

August 11, 2018 - Shinedown came to the Lone Star state crossing the USA with Like A Storm and Godsmack which is  an amazing show, as you would expect.  However one incident got me to thinking so I want to go a bit off topic, like I’m EVER on topic! the image of Brent shaking hands, he stopped and shook every photographers hand, 10 of us in the “Pit Monkey” enclosure.  That was a first for me, there are a lot of bands and artist that interact with the photographers, if not directly, like @cheaptrickrick and @jasonhook_5fdp who are guitar pick assassins, there was @zoltanbathory & @5fdpchriskael hamming it up for the camera.  Some artist acknowledge us with killer poses right in front of the camera, like @zakkwyldebls and @c_c_deville or like my hoping to go 5 for 5 Ms @lindseystirling who always makes eye contact or at least eye to lens contact.  I’m pretty sure Ms Lindsey is wondering how I keep getting in to her shows though! 

And these names do not even scratch the surface, they are just a few recent encounters.  Please do not misunderstand I in no way believe that it is an artist job to do so, however it is nice when the do.  I had @jamestaylor require us to shoot front of house, translation “A long way away”, but yet I got 6 images of him looking straight at the lens!  But all artist are gonna have off nights or possibly a photographer, the previous night did something to annoy either them or their management?  I arrived at a show were where every previous tour date was from the pit and was told I was shooting from front of house, so someone did some thing wrong the night before. 

I don’t understand that, we are given a gift to be allowed to do what we do; I won’t even post an image that I think might be unflattering to that person.  I am hoping to catch KISS in front of my camera, I’ve been told by multiple photographers the first 3 are not for the audience, they are for the photographers!  With the band making sure each photog gets good shots that would be cool!  These artists are there for you and we are there to try and offer memories after the fact.  Yes everyone has a camera on his or her phone and they are getting better, but the audience is focused on the show, we tend to be more compartmental in our viewing.  So once again thanks Brent and you folks out there catch this tour, @shinedown, @godsmack and @likeastorm you will not be disappointed!

Till Next Time

Richard Roesler 

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