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Lindsey Stirling at The Woodlands Pavilion

Photos by Richard Roesler

August 25, 2018/September  - For those of you that may not know, I’m a Stirlingite!  A big, ugly, mustached, tattooed, Harley Shovelhead riding Stirlingite.  Although I discovered this talented young lady, by accident on a photography site, fortunately it was right before her first tour would bring her to Houston!  I wasn’t doing the AAMN thing yet, but had photographed some concert working for and was able to get approved through her management that way.  And I am currently 5 for 5 on approvals for Ms Lindsey’s shows!  I’m in no way bragging, as there are better photographers than myself in Houston. 

For the Brave Enough tour, I received a message from the lovely ladies at Live Nation stating no photographers had been approved.  Bummed but what can you do?  Then about 30 minutes later I got another text, that read “Hold on, we’re working on something?”  OK?  Then the 3rd message arrived “You’re approved!”  I still to this day do not know what transpired, but I am very thankful.  The only odd part, was upon my arrival there were chairs on the main floor?  By this time Lindsey fans had diversified quite a bit and the show had become a sit down evening.

Then I was approved for the Warmer In The Winter tour, but had been moved to front of house or the soundboards.  However the one constant in all 4 shows is Lindsey ALWAYS makes eye contact with me, usually multiple times!  I still thinks its because she wonders how I keep getting in!  I’ve repeatedly mentioned that she always gives me eye contact shots!  So this lastest tour with Ms Amy and Evanescence, I was approved again and knew it would be front of house, but at the Woodlands Pavilion, which is a bit farther than the previous tour.  While waiting at the back gate/guard shack, someone radioed to open the gate, a few seconds later here come 4 fairly big guys and one Ms Stirling in the middle and she looked directly at me! 

I’m sorta unforgettable and not in a good way, but I don’t really believe she knows who I am.  So I begin photographing the show, but she’s not looking, I am getting nada, not one eye contact shot!  And this is bumming me out and then I get home to do a quick sort and nothing, oh well, it is what it is!  There was one image I tried to convince myself that if I squinted and jumped up and down on one foot she might be looking at me?  But I knew it wasn’t true.  Finally a couple days later I decide to go through the image again and finish the sort, when I came upon an image that although it was underexposed, appeared like she was looking my way?  So I tweaked on the image some and yes she’s looking, but she is all the way at the other side of the stage.

So I start enlarging the image and yes she is looking, but what the heck?  I can’t actually be seeing what I’m seeing?  This talented young lady Michael Jordaned me, okay maybe I’m just losing it?  So I check the next image and confirmed yes she is looking at me and through her bow, which is a shot I captured of her on the Warmer tour and yes she Michael Jordaned me!  So I check the next image and she has this huge smile on her face like “Did you get that?” I was blown away!!  

The even stranger part is these were the last 3 images I took that night!  Technically they are not great and one of two things happened, which I wont go into, but even if there were dead on perfect, I don’t think I would share them?  Not because they make her look bad in any way, even the first two, there is sort of a smile in her eyes. 

I will be happy to show you them on my Ipad or phone, but to me it just shows the type of amazing person Lindsey Stirling is!


Till Next Time,

Richard Roesler 

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