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Billy F. Gibbons and The Big Bad Blues Tour

Photos and Words by Richard Roesler

November 9, 2018 - I’ve been a fan of Billy Gibbons, long before he was the Reverend Billy G! I think it would be impossible to have been born and raised in Houston on the soulful blues of ZZ Top’s First Albums “(Somebody Else Been) Shaking Your Tree”, “Neighbor, Neighbor” or “Back Door Love Affair” and not become an instant fan!

I’ve always had an unusual, be it distant relationship with That Little Ol Band From Texas, like being stuck in I-10 traffic next to Billy one afternoon, to my next door neighbor Mary Jane’s boyfriend telling us he grew up with Billy, yeah sure! Then picking up the phone when my girlfriend was living in MJ mother-in-law house that had the only phone. To hear “Hey this is Griz with ZZ Top, tell MJ to come around to the back.”

To my First Ever Concert photography shoot being ZZ Top in 1986 for the Afterburner tour. Granted I didn’t have permission, my beautiful girlfriend a.k.a. Nurse GoodBody snuck my Canon F1n and a 75-210 lens in to the Summit (Now Lakewood Church) wearing maternity clothes!  I did finally get to photograph them legally a couple years ago!

Then I saw that Billy F Gibbons was coming to town, with a different couple of talented musicians in tow in Austin Hanks and Matt Sorom. I hoped to get to chance to check out the new/different style. Sure it was a bit different seeing the Reverend Billy G without Frank & Dusty. But it was a excellent show, selling out venues as it makes it way across America!

Billy F Gibbons and the Blues, American as Apple Pie!

Till next time,
Richard Roesler

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