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Bob Seger and The Silver Bullet Band - Travelin Man Tour

Photos & Words by Richard Roesler 

May 2, 2019  - Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band rolled into town on the Travelin’ Man Tour to kick off the start of the month of May’s Music Madness!  A visit that was also a make up for a cancelled show back in 2017 and while the drive over to The Woodlands Pavilion was pleasant and sunny, shortly after I my arrival the news started to spread slowly.  Then just in case you didn’t hear, the skies began to darken and if as on cue, everyone’s cell phones came up and yeah we were straight in the path of the ongoing dark red line of duck happiness!

And the delays began before the rain, due to lighting strikes within the venues safety zone and for each strike the 30-minute clock starts over! Then the rain arrived, lightly at first, then heavier so strong at one point the rain was coming in sideways past the light tower/sound boards even breaching some of the seams in the fabric covering!  Yet repeatedly the venues stage manager would come out and tell everyone the think positive vibes that the show was not cancelled, that Bob was looking forward to playing!  The opening act did fall to mother nature as she continued to pound the pavilion. And the lighting strike delays continued; yet no one left and finally the rain and lighting continued it’s eastwardly ramble.

When the drum tech came out to do his check you have thought Bob had took the stage and then the lights dimmed and the “Everybody’s Wet, Travelin’ Man” began with an even bigger roar from the fans.  Still there was some concern as the 9:45 start time meant a reduced set due to the 11:00 PM curfew OR pay the fines!  I guess Bob decided Houston and stayed through Mother Nature’s attempt to move the Travelin Man on down the road and the show continued on until 11:45 with Bob giving a Big Middle Finger to mother nature!

Till Next Time

Richard Roesler

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