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Celine Dion Courage Tour at the Toyota Center Houston, Texas

Photos & Words by Richard Roesler

February 1, 2020 - With every artist or group there is never a guarantee that you’ll get approved, so when I saw Celine Dion was bringing her Courage tour to Houston’s Toyota Center, two thoughts came to mind.  I’m sure it will be sold out and I should at least try to get approved.  All they can say is no.

Being a first time Celine Live rookie, the one thing I learned about Celine Fans is they are a unique, dedicated, fun loving passionate bunch of folks!  With various cameras finding those individual’s, close friends and large groups willing to show their “Courage” by busting out the best dance moves to entertain the sold out Toyota Center crowd. 

However once the lights dimmed and Ms Dion made her entrance raising up though the TC floor, the place exploded with applause and cheers! So is it wrong the first thing I noticed wasn’t as much the bright red dress she had on, but this young lady has some amazing legs! I even got a direct eye contact shot of Celine showing off her guns, she is very fit!  We were only given one song to photograph and so you tend to pay a bit more attention to what’s happening through the lens.  However seeing as it wasn’t a heavy metal show, I decided there was no need ear protection and Ill say Ms Celine can for sure sing!  Yes, I know well duh!

And throughout the song you could see the smile of her face and tell she way having fun with the Houston fans!  Being sold out, I wasn’t able to stay to enjoy the evening, but the one song was worth it!

Till next time

Richard Roesler


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Page 1 of 1 — 12 pictures in album