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Machine Gun Kelly

Photos  & Words by Richard Roesler 

June 10, 2022 - Got to catch the MGK-22 Mainstream Sellout Tour at the Toyota Center, but almost didn’t!  So the day of the concert I had been involved in a family event that has been ongoing for a while.  So I haven’t been requesting too many shows as I don’t like to miss a show I’ve been approved for and it had happened in 22 once already.  I had put in for the Machine Gun Kelly show a couple months ago, as the “portal” does allow you to request a show months out.  That evening as I was sitting at a long, long, long, light about 6:45, decided to check emails and there was the approval!  Fortunately I wasn’t too far from my cameras, wasn’t sure about the batteries though?  Thankfully they were still ready!

I missed the first artist, but arrived in enough time to get my act sorta together, I already knew it was going to be fun photographically, I mean there’s a helicopter!  When we arrived there were a bunch of young ladies inside the sound barrier where we needed to shoot from?  We were squeezed in front with the promise it was only for 3 songs.  While waiting, a gentleman came up and was shaking his head no, I shook mine okay since I hadn’t a clue what we were discussing?

Then I heard the screams as Ms Fox arrived to watch the show from sound, now I understood, no pictures.  The show was as excellent as expected, I had been seeing images from other photographers as the Mainstream Sellout Tour continued forward and was looking forward to the opportunity.  Sometimes we know we’re approved days in advance, some times hours, like the MGK-22 show and once the notification came minutes before the doors opened.  But standing in the pit waiting on the artist & we told we had to leave?  You just never know.

Until next time - (more images coming 06/18/22 sotry for the delay)

- Richard -

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Page 1 of 1 — 11 pictures in album