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Nikki Lane Denim and Diamond Tour at Last Concert Cafe

Photos & Words by Richard Roesler

April 14, 2023 - I remember as I was going through the images I took of Nikki Lane in October wondering when she would return again?   Thankfully I did have to wait too long to find out, coming upon a Spring Tour starting back at Last Concert Cafe in April!  Still a ways out I marked the date.  Now we’ll find out the answer to “Will she let me back in?”.  Nikki was also one of 3 artists I’d hoped to photograph in April, thankfully I got 2 of the 3.  You know I’m a fan of this young lady and it seems others are taking notice as well, saw Ms Nikki is in a Flogging Molly video and she’ll be traveling with Chris Stapleton in October and possibly a chance for a 3rd Nikki Lane show as they come through Houston in October? (Lindsey Stirling(5), Blue October(4), Nikki Lane(3?) a boy can dream.  10 years getting to do this that’s pretty cool too!

So the reason for this delay, started at Blue October the Saturday prior, with a knee incident before the show even started, began an ongoing adventure that continues today apparently 10 days after Nikki!  However by Friday morning of Nikki’s show I got even more fun, along with the knee, a pinched nerve of some sort lower right hand.  So if you you noticed me making odd faces during the show, I was trying not to end up on my knees in the sand.  I wasn’t able to capture as many images as during the October show for 3 reasons, my decreased mobility(-1), shooting three cameras, still waiting on the film to come back(-2)

The 3rd reason was the best as there were more fans enjoying this evenings Nikki Lane show!  So I wasn’t able to get the same opportunities this time and that’s fine and I didn’t hit anyone with my lens that I know of?  I tell you Nikki Lane fans and Last Concert Cafe guest are so nice!  They kept ducking as they’d walk by while I was shooting, I’d try to tell them, Thank You, but please don’t be concerned, if I miss one shot I’ll get another, I’m their guest as well.  Maybe I’ll get a sign?


Till Next Time (04/24 still adding images)


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