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Sisters of Mercy at Bayou Music Center

Photos & Words by Richard Roesler

May 26,2023 - Trying to recall through the cobwebs in my mind the time frame when S.O.M. were rocking out, I read they had a falling out with the record company and just decided to stop making albums!  This is something I can relate to or at least understand, sometimes you just have to take a stand!  Figured I ought to try and catch them, just in case they decide to stop again.  Very dark lighting and Andrew was the biggest challenge I got one really decent lit shot and some cool high drama shots, but always seemed to be at the wrong angle or wrong side of the stage.  But it was a very cool show and the diversity of the crowd in attendance at Bayou Music Center some fans from the 80s & 90s and the new fans too!  I took my film camera, but not expecting a lot due to the lighting, we will see eventually!  Cant just drop it off anywhere i learned the hard way!  Just say No to Precision Camera!  Ill be looking for more images to post, again sorry for the delay, sometimes Life! - Richard -

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Page 1 of 1 — 9 pictures in album