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 AAMN would like to thank our Texas correspondant, Mr. Richard Roesler for all his hard work and dedication in keeping this publication going during our absence.   

May 19, 2024 - So I have a conundrum, I’m trying to find a way to move out of Houston & I’m a born and raised, REAL Houstonian!  So I’ve found a city I’d like to move to & working from home makes it seem like a feasible dream?  On my first trip with my realtor, as we turned the corner heading to the next house to check out.  The were 15 bikes, of various types Harley’s, sport bikes and British cafe racer!  The realtor tells me it’s a coffee shop as I’m driving, I had checked them out on line, so knew a little of what to expect when I did finally get to visit.  My first attempt I made a U-turn in front of it, believing it was an establishment 3 doors down & closed.  My second attempt, an oncoming car on the 75 mph highway veered off the road right at a bridge.






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Photos by: Barry Sigman

Words by: Gina Sigman

June 23, 2017  Santa Ynez, CA—-The Chumash Casino  was the setting for psychic Theresa Caputo as she used her self-proclaimed gift on members from her live audience.   The 51 year-old  medium weaved her way through out the audience offering hope and solace to selected patrons who had lost loved ones. Caputo is known for her TLC reality series, Long Island Medium.






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Photos by: Barry Sigman

Words by: Gina Sigman

February 25, 2016: Chumash Casino---

Stand-up comedian and TV personality, Brad Garrett, performed his rib-tickling mix of salty and self-depreciating humor for a packed audience.  Garrett, best known for the lumbering baratone-voiced "Robert" character he played on Everybody Loves Raymond, now owns a Las Vegas comedy club located at the MGM Grand.  His stand-up career has spanned 30 years; winning him 3 Emmy's and a SAG award.  His distinctive, deep voice has been featured in numerous animated films including  "Finding Nemo" as the voice of Gill, and "Tangled"  as the controversial Hook Hand Thug.  In addition to his stand-up comedy, Garrett offers acting classes and has written an autobiography entitled, When the Balls Drop.






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Photos and Words by: Richard Roesler

Angry Cock, Flaming Lips, Scorching Scorpion! No these are not some new adult DVD titles being sold from a back alley van! These are just a few of the many, titles and variations of hot sauces to be found at the this years Hot Sauce Fest. Now in its 15th year and attracting vendors from around the nation the Houston Hot Sauce Fest continues to grow.






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Santa Maria Civic and Everybody Can Dance Perform Sleeping Beauty Ballet

---Photos by Barry Sigman  Words by Gina Baccaro-Sigman

June 13-14: The Clark Center in Arroyo Grande was the setting for Tchiakovsky's grand classic, "The Sleeping Beauty" as performed by the Santa Maria Civic and Everybody Can Dance Ballet.  ECD artistic director, Diane Rose Zink, who tirelessly ran rehearsals for the show beginning in February, is no stranger to the ballet.   A dancer herself, Ms. Rose-Zink has been putting on shows with her studio for over 20 years.  Many of her dance students have gone on to become professional dancers.  Unlike other dance studios, ECD is unique in two ways.  First, there are no traditional recitals.  The pinacle of a student's work is shown off by performing a real ballet.  Second, Everybody Can Dance gets its name from its philosophy: when they say "everybody" they mean EVERYBODY.  Students from 3-54 years old and beyond, perform in the ballets.  Who knows?  You too may be pirouetting across the stage in they're next production!  For more information about classes and upcoming performances, call (805) 937-6753 or visit "Everybody Can Dance & Santa Maria Civic Ballet" on Facebook.

Katie Lester
Katie Lester

 Princess Aurora does a gravity-defying grande jete.

Josh Nother
Josh Nother

The Bluebird in flight.

Marie Foster
Marie Foster

Princess Florina: graceful and beloved.

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Photos by: Barry Sigman

April 23, 2015---Actor/comedian, Sinbad, performed his stand-up commedy act at the Chumash Casino in Santa Ynez, California.  Recognized as one of the top 100 comedians of all time, he has had a successful career in comedy, television and films.  In 1987, he landed the role of Coach Walter Oakes in the series titled, A Different World.  In the 90's, he starred as "David", a bachelor who adopts two children in Fox's The Sinbad Show.   He also hosted It's Showtime at the Apollo.  His most memorable films include the desperate and irrate postman in Jingle All the Way, and a crook impersonating a dentist in Houseguest.  He currently stars in the talk show parody, Comedy Bang Bang!






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Don't Be Offended! It's Just Don Rickles!---by Gina Sigman

February 5, 2015---Veteran comedian, Don Rickles performed at the Chumash Casino in Santa Ynez, entertaining a packed house of fans.  The 88 year-old star of both television and film, made his audience laugh with his mixture of caustic insults and classic slapstick one-liners.  A reminescent Rickles commented on his appearances on the Tonight Show as well as his celebrity roasts as the audience watched them on a big screen.  A legend in his own time, Don Rickles continues to slight and delight generations of young and old. 

Photos by: Barry Sigman






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2nd Annual NoBull Bayou Battle---by Richard Roesler
I got to attend the 2nd Annual NoBull Bayou Battle hosted by Carve Skate Shop and Wheelbase Magazine.  And while it was the second year for the multi-day event, it was the first year for the Garage Race portion, which would be held at the Hobby Centers 9-story parking garage.  This was also the first step into bringing these longboard riders out of the shadows, with their early morning clandestine rides throughout the city of Houston.
You see while they might look the same to the laymen on the street, a longboard is not designed for tricks and such like its shorter brother the skateboard.  No these boards are designed speed and road use and while the lucky riders at Carve’s other shop in Austin have the good fortune of riding in the Texas Hill Country.  The Houston riders aren’t so lucky, so they have to look to the numerous parking garages around town to get their downward momentum.  Which there are plenty of, problem is, that most of the places frown on these early morning adventures!
So in an attempt to change the stereotype the folks at Carve reached out to the business world and the fine folks at the Hobby Center stepped up and agreed to let them use their facility.  This allowed the promoters to get the needed insurance to cover the event, provide security, medical attention (if needed), vendors and the ability to promote the 1st Ever Legal and Sanctioned Garage Race in the United States! 
Which brought Pro riders from all around the US and from as far away as Canada, Mexico and Australia!  With a $3000 prize for first place, the event drew 206 riders entered wanting to say there were there the very first time!
Don’t be thinking that this is a bunch of societal misfits, long board riders run the gambit from the very young pre-teen riders, with mom and dad driving them, to young ladies and even degreed business professionals.  Granted the garage races do allow for a bit more of an aggressive ride if you so choose, you can however ride at the speeds you are comfortable with.  I think that’s the draw with the long boards, a bit more stable platform, than a skateboard? 
These folks even have a 3-day event from the Austin Carve shop to the sister shop in Houston called Texas Long Treks!  I can’t even imagine what that would be like?  One thing I do know is I have to get on the “friends” list and a get “secret decoder ring” so I can attend some of the early morning non-sanctioned events, if I can stay up that late!
Till Next Time,
Richard Roesler

Photos by: Richard Roesler







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Photos by: Barry Sigman

Article by: Gina Sigman

Fans of fantasy and intergalactic revelry were treated to Stan Lee's Comikaze, October 31st-November 2nd, 2014 at the LA Convention center.  The event, in its 4th year, is LA's 1st and largest pop culture event.  Attendees had the opportunity for autographs and photo-ops with celebrities such as Barbara Eden (I Dream of Jeanie), Julie Newmar (Catwoman) , Adam West (Batman), Elvira and many others.   In addition, visitors browsed a staggering number of booths featuring collectibles, video games, comics and comic artist displays from the sci-fi, horror and fantasy genres.   Stan Lee, the host of Comikaze, is best known for his comic book creation, Spider Man. 






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The Raw Artists Showcase---By Casey Marshall

The Raw Artists Show was on Thursday, February the 27th. The Raw show is a great place for artists to receive tons of great feedback as well as make some very important connections to the art world, connections that truly cannot be found anywhere else. It is a great place for artists such as myself and from several different genres to be heard and seen. The show includes not just painters and sketch artist's, but also fashion artists, jewelry artists, make-up artists of all kinds including movie make-up, it was quite a site to see. The concerts that were held that night rocked the house while art lovers walked through the galleries admiring their favorite artists. It is the perfect way for artists to get to know other artists in their area. If you are an artists and are interested in attending a show to help further your career in whatever art field you are in, I strongly suggest submitting your work to Raw and being a part of this show. Go to www.rawartists.org, click on submit work and give it a shot. If you are not an artist but just a lover of the arts, I would suggest buying a ticket and attending a show. The night is full of fun and new experiences for all. Thanks so much to my new Raw family for so lovingly open their arms to me and my work. This was an experience I will never forget and will attend again and again.


Photos by: Barry Sigman






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