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 AAMN would like to thank our Texas correspondant, Mr. Richard Roesler for all his hard work and dedication in keeping this publication going during our absence.   

About Us


Your All Access Music Staff:

Editor/Photographer: Barry Sigman

Writer/Co-Editor: Gina Baccaro


Contact us at editor@allaccessmusicnews.com


Setting down my camera...

(A moment with the editor)

Sometimes life dictates to us, not the other way around. As a photographer and musician I have a deep love and understanding for the world of music. Giving up the pick for my camera many years ago, I now enjoy being on the other side of the lense. As a young boy I was raised by my parents to enjoy and love the style of music that I was drawn to but also not to limit myself to only that. I do have my favorite styles of music but I can and do enjoy almost any genre of music.

As a photographer I became disappointed in the coverage of live music. Many great concerts were not being covered for an array or reasons. Good photos and musicians were not being given their just due. The public was not being given their just due and from that frustration grew the need for this publication.

This is your magazine! It's about you the fans and your music. We want to know from our readers what you would like us to cover; who's hot and who you would like us to shoot. After shooting over 200 concerts last year we have a pretty good idea of what our readers are looking for in All Access Music News. Your input is not only welcomed but highly encouraged. If you think there is a show or an act we need to check out let us know and we'll do everything in our power to cover it. We can't be everywhere all of the time but we try.

Unlike monthly publications that have a very real and important role in music and having enjoyed shooting for must of them, I have a respect for what they do. But, we also know that in today's world being current is not only possible but expected.  All Access Music News will be forever current as events unfold. Concerts and events will be posted in a timely manor. Musicians, venues and products can advertise with us and make changes such as, adding a new concert date at a moments notice if there is a cancellation or an addition to a show or festival changes can be made almost immediately. Thus letting their fans know of the change. We are also mobile-enabled so you can access us from your smartphone or mobile device. 
We will have videos, interviews and contests so keep an eye out for those.  We know that in today's fast-paced world people don't have a lot of time for long articles. We want you to think of us as the LIFE magazine of music. We will tell our story with pictures. After all a picture is worth 1,000 words.

The editor,
Barry Sigman



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