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All Access Music News is proud to be working for Tales From the Tavern; a musical showcase of uncommonly talented artists, hand-picked by  founders Ron and Carole Ann Colone.  Join us for some soul-drenching, mind-expanding fun at the Maverick Saloon in Santa Ynez, CA.  For more info and tickets, visit www.talesfromthetavern.com


What's better than pumpkin spice?  LIVE MUSIC!  Check out our latest photos in the concert section. HAPPY FALL!

Featured Artists
Carlene Carter Says Farewell to Santa Ynez, California

March 20th-2018—-Carlene Carter, daughter of the late June Carter Cash and stepdaughter to the legendary Johnny Cash, gave a farewell performance for her fellow Santa Ynez neighbors at the Standing Sun Winery.  With seats filled and only a few feet of standing room between them, well-wishers and fans packed in to the rustic venue to hear her toe-tapping tunes and reminiscent stories of life growing up in the Carter-Cash family.   Her husband, actor Joe Breen, opened the show with the singing of the National Anthem and accompanied her on several songs.  Carlene is the grandmother of seven grandchildren who all live in the Nashville area and says she is moving to be close to them.   Throughout the concert, she showed off her musical prowess, demonstrating the famous “Carter Scratch” technique on the guitar and finished off the performance plucking the strings and bringin’ down the house with the Carter Family heirloom, “Wildwood Flower”.  After the show, she graciously chatted, hugged, signed autographs and posed for pictures with friends and fans.   Her latest cd, a tribute to her grandmother, Maybelle Carter and the entire Carter family legacy is available at www.carlenecarter.net and on Amazon.

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"Heart to Heart" with Kenny Loggins

Singer/songwriter Kenny Loggins, delivered a rousing 90 minute performance to a standing-room-only audience at The Rose, a soulfully elegant venue.  Loggins’ fans ate the honey as he prefaced the singing of Pooh’s Corner with an anecdote about its origin.  His songs started out mellow, progressing into a grinding acoustical of “This Is It”.  At this point, arms where beginning to sway and fans were singing along.   Aside from his talent, Loggins KNOWS how to draw his audience in! Even patrons noshing on fare from the restaurant put down their forks and swallowed their bites so they could participate in his sing-along with Celebrate Me Home. There were so many hits including those he teamed up with Michael McDonald for but there just wasn’t enough time in a 90 minute set to cover them all.  Nevertheless, nothing was lost.  The 69 year old singer’s  falsetto voice did not fail.   He belted out  Danger Zone, shredding those notes like a guy half his age!  One could feel the energy reach a crescendo as the time approached for the encore.  Stage lights flashed and twinkled.  Loggins zipped back on stage with the stealth of a tiger.  The audience cheered. Suddenly, it was 1984 all over again.  The opening riffs of Foot Loose brought the entire house to its feet, dancing and singing along.  Nimble in voice, body and spirit, Kenny Loggins brought it home or...shall we say, to Pasadena?  Although the concert is over, the story doesn’t end here.  Loggins has recently release a children’s book entitled, “Footloose”, available where books are sold.

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