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 AAMN would like to thank our Texas correspondant, Mr. Richard Roesler for all his hard work and dedication in keeping this publication going during our absence.   

With the "strange days" of covid in the rear view mirror, AAMN is ready to STRUT our stuff! DEC. 4th, it's the Freemont in SLO for The Struts!!

Featured Artist
Jeff "Skunk" Baxter Rocks at the Troubadour
Jeff "Skunk" Baxter Rocks at the Troubadour


Well, here we are again on "Back with a Vengeance" summer concert trail, bringing you the elegantly eccentric guitarist, Jeff "Skunk:" Baxter, who is currently on his west coast tour promoting his new CD, Speed of Heat, available on Amazon Music.  We caught up with him in West Hollywood at the historic Troubadour club for a great night of songs n stories.  Check it out by clicking on the red "concert photos" tab.

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IMG_7978 March 21, 2024 - So I have submitted for The Castellows in April, that would be a nice birthday month present! I believe they are about to explode, I keep seeing their name popping up more & more places!  There are still the local Payton's Howie & Riley, Im hoping to capture as well!  Both of whom played at different venues at Rodeo Houston this year!  So the first test was Blue October, the "portal" showed me "pending approval", yet I wasn't submitted?  So does that fortel if I'll able to get approvals in 2024, I do not know, I guess we are about too find out with request #2?

(Can I get a spelling and sentence structure checker please)

 - Richard -  

www.paytonhowie.com www.paytonrileymusic.com www.thecastellowsmusic.com www.blueoctober.com

Bully Mock Up

This was the last place they were seen
Featured Artists
Nikki Lane Denim & Diamonds Spring Tour


April 14 - Nikki Lane brought the party back to Last Concert Cafe!  Still adding images, but it is posted 

Blue October- Spinning The Truth Around Tour

IMG_1104 April 8, 2023 - Blue October plays their 2nd sold out show, for the Houston hometown crowd and capped off a 70 city tour at 713 Music Hall


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