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Jimmie Vaughan

Photos and words by: Richard Roesler

Jimmie Vaughan and the Tilt-A-Whirl Band made their way downtown to hangout at Warehouse Live and have a party.  As usual I arrived way too early, eventually folks started showing up, hanging out and talking about all of Jimmie's shows they've seen and at what venue.  It was cool to see not only those of us who been rocking with Jimmie for a year or two there, but also those individuals that weren't around for the first broadcast of MTV.
Making our way inside the venue began to fill up, I met some Spring Branch area ladies and there was also a Bachelorette party in the midst of it all.  Once Jimmie and the boys took the stage, the party was on!   Of course the ladies love Jimmie and they sort of took over front and center, but I was able to find a decent vantage point to enjoy the show and take a few pics too!
Jimmie's was a show I had looked forward to as he is part of the second concert I ever shot, my accomplice Nurse Goodbody snuck my camera in as we had done previously.  While the show was for his brother that evening, Jimmie joined him on stage.  Somewhere I have a semi-ok-mediocre, sorta far back picture of the two of them playing a double neck guitar at the same time.  
Goodbody and I were further back then our first time and this was in the film days, so, maybe worth getting them scanned and see what might be there?  And while I believe every Texan can tell you where they were, when they heard about Stevie.  We have had the continued pleasure of enjoying the Texas Blues with Jimmie!  It wasn't my first time to see him, won't be my last!
Till Next Time,
Richard Roesler


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