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Haim - Sister, Sister, Sister Tour at Revention Music Center

Photos and Words by Richard Roesler

April 25, 2018 - At least when it comes to the talented trio of siblings that form Haim, I don’t feel like I’m too far off the mark!  I first discovered these, when a video on Instagram started to auto play and I caught site of 3 lovely young ladies walking down the middle of the street with some expressive hand gestures.  So I decided to turn the volume up, it was of course a short for the video Want You Back and I was hooked!  I watched the video a few times and then decided to go see what other Haim adventures I might find on Youtube?

I watched all the videos and then watched the “Things I Didn’t Know” videos about each lady.  While Danielle is the lead vocalist and guitarist, both Este on bass and vocals and Alana a.k.a. “Baby Haim” on guitars, keyboard and vocals, bring their own set of musical talent tools to the party!  I know it hasn’t taken long for their popularity to grow, as they continue to sell out venues on the Sister, Sister, Sister tour.

The one thing NO ONE seems to be able to explain to me, is in the video for Want You Back, how do you get there to be no cars anywhere in site, in California, at 7:50 something, be it AM or PM and even if it was a Sunday?  It usually takes multiple takes to get enough footage for a video.  Oh we’ll maybe well never know?  Oh yeah ladies and Im okay with the fact you y'all didnt stop the show to sing Happy Birthday.

Till Next Time

Richard Roesler

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