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Ghost - Rats On The Road Tour

Photos and Words by Richard Roesler

May 08, 2018 - As I emerged from the underground parking behind the Revention Music Center, a line of Ghost fans wrapped entirely around the building greeted me.  Not a totally uncommon site for a music venue, however to say that this crowd was unique would be an understatement!  If you’ve ever read my ramblings on other artists and bands, then you know I do not claim to know a lot about every music genre.  Of course I had heard of Ghost and seen some killer images from their shows, but that was about the extent of it.  I like to experience the event as it unfolds in front of my camera and then as part of the crowd.

Now the band members are easy to keep track of for a novice such as myself, there is Nameless Ghoul #1, Nameless Ghoul #2 etc.  Or Nameless Ghoul Bass Guitar, Nameless Ghoul Lead Guitar and so on, then there is Cardinal Copia up front laying down the lyrics, with back up from the Nameless Ghouls.  While I was unable to stay for the entire show, I’ve become intrigued Ghost and the Nameless Ghouls and the Cardinal.  However it seems there were 3 Evil Popes, but I’m unclear on what become of them?  So it would appear that I will have to delve more into this band to learn of their fate and what happened to Papa Emeritus?

I am merely an outsider looking in…

Till Next Time

Richard Roesler

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