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Imagine Dragons at the Woodlands Pavilion

Photos and Words by Richard Roesler 

August 4, 2018 - Imagine Dragons made their way to the Dome City, entertaining fans on the sold out Evolve Tour.  Taking the stage and kicking off the show with Radioactive, I didn’t notice anything unusual primarily focusing on my Pit Monkey duties of staring through the viewfinder.  However upon the songs completion Dan Reynolds came out to the front of the stage and began to talk, that’s when you noticed it!  This young man was sick and had no voice, he addressed the crowd stating in their entire career as a band they had only cancelled one show and that was their first year.  He apologized, pondering with the crowd on what to do, as he knew he couldn’t give them the show they came to see?

That’s when it started, crowd shouts of “We love you Dan!” and “Its Okay!” continued to ring out.  He tried again with “It’s Time” but you could hear he was struggling, that when the sold out crowd came up with a solution of their own and started to sing the lyrics for him.  I mean heck they had already joined along in the first song, this time the rest of them just kicked in their voices for the second song.  After the completion of It’s time, you could tell had a strong effect on Dan and he even shared how much that meant to him! 

After a brief meeting with the rest of I.D. back at Daniel’s drum kit, the boys came back out and started up “Whatever It Takes” and you could hear the struggle in Dan’s voice.  But on cue he pointed the microphone at the audience and they took over again.  Seems they were OK with an Imagine Dragons show without the lead singer singing!  He was there he had tried and you could tell he was genuinely concerned about letting the crowd down.  I have yet to hear anything negative about that evening; will Dan and company try to squeeze in another makeup date on this tour?  Who knows, if they do I’m sure it would be a blast, but if they don’t seems everyone is still happy!

Till Next Time

Richard Roesler

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Page 1 of 1 — 10 pictures in album