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Ally Venable Band at the Continental Club

Photos & Words by Richard Roesler

September 14, 2018 - I have to thank all my teachers at Harvard, because had it not been for them I might have just passed over the story, yes of course I noticed the pretty girl with the killer legs in the front seat of the car & even the two guys behind her.  But had it not been for for those 4 years at Harvard, were those fine teachers helped me to learn to read letters, I might have missed the part that read "blues"!  which of course peaked my interest and allowed me to arrive at the Ally Venable, be it late as usual, party!

A 19 year old, Texas blues guitarist and she was playing at the Continental Club in a few days, I needed to check this lovely talented, young lady and her band mates out, as their tour would be taking them out of Texas for the next few months!  I don't like to check out YouTube videos or anything prior to the show, for some artist as I like that first live encounter to be my weathervane.  So I set about trying to be sure I'd be able to get cameras in for the show.  I sent inquiries to the media contact on her website, left a message on Instagram and sent the Continental Club a email too.

I had forgotten how laid back CC is, spending more time in the Austin location, but not doing the camera thing then and Ms Ally is a beautiful young lady, that's nothing more than a fact (sorry boys she has a guy).  In the article I discovered about her, she states that she doesn't believe she gets taken seriously because of her age?  While I'm in no way involved in her industry other than from the front of the stage, Everyone I have shared her and her music with has the same reaction!  She's ONLY 19 and she is already this talented, no one person I've spoken with thinks that she doesn't deserve to be taken quite seriously!

I bought her latest CD, "Puppet Show" the night of the show, then downloaded it as well, then downloaded her first CD "No Glass Shoes", then checked out the bands website but no vinyl, yet!  So I guess it's possible I'm a groupie now?   @allyvenableband   #allyvenableband

Till next time

Richard Roesler

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