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Travis Scott, Astroword Tour at the Toyota Center

Photos and Words by Richard Roesler

February 13, 2019 - So trying to adjust to a new “work” schedule, which requires a 3:30AM wake up!  And on Day #2 is the Sold Out Travis Scott Astroworld Tour at the Toyota Center!  So I held off going early to try and get some crowd images before the sun went down in favor of trying to catch a nap!  Recently been paying for the hard living and young person “I’m invincible” lately.  We made our was down to the B stage for the opening act and while standing on the barricade step to scope out the stage, I noticed two young ladies sitting on the floor in front of me leaning against it.  You can’t see their faces, but they’re talking and messing with their phones.

When I looked down again I noticed they both have their phones angled, looking down I see myself on both of their phones!  So I had to inquire why?  Apparently they liked my moustache or I’ve been on some website somewhere for who knows what?  Two other friends that had been n a refreshment run returned and I was able to spend some time talking with them.  Four of the nicest young ladies, I just can’t imagine why they wanted a picture of me?  My visit was cut short due to the loss of the opening act, so the band of photog’s was routed back upstairs to await the show.

Due to Travis beginning his show on the B stage, we were able to watch the first five songs, before making our way down to the main floor for our 3-song set. You know that the Houston son was going to put on a great evening for the hometown fans!  So I did get to enjoy a nice size chunk of the evening.  Then I had to make my way back north, due to the before mentioned wake up for day 3, but it was still a very enjoyable evening!

Till Next Time,

Richard Roesler  

 P.S. Although my 2019 intentions were to post with in 2 days, the new schedule, the possibility of a new shoulder and separate family related issues have caused some delays and I apologize!

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