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Jam the Van

Jam in the Van, a solar powered mobile recording studio, hosted an event at the Angel City Brewery in Downtown Los Angeles on 4/28/19. Eight acts were there to entertain patrons of the brewery and record three videos in the van. Diggin’ Dirt kicked off the afternoon, followed by Sontalk, The Dose, Kelly Finnegan, Chris Shiflett, Blushh, Illuminati Hotties, and rounding up the event was Low Hum.


Photographer Gina Buban went behind the scenes during the recording of Shiflett’s set. Shiflett, along with acclaimed musicians Brian Whelan (guitar), Muddy Stardust (bass) and Mark Star (drums), sang three songs off the upcoming album “Hard Lessons,” which will be released June 14, 2019. Those songs, “This Ol’ World,” “Welcome to Your First Heartache” and “Liar’s Word” are available now on Spotify, Apple, Tidal, or Amazon Music.


Chris Shiflett has played multiple roles during his 20+ year career, from fronting his own Alt-Country / Americana band to being the longtime guitarist of the Foo Fighters. Shiflett is also the host of a popular podcast series called “Walking the Floor” (, which features interviews with a wide variety of musical guests, writers, athletes, and artists. For more information or to pre-order “Hard Lessons,” visit


Jam in the Van has filmed over 1,000 bands across the United States. This unique studio, along with their YouTube Channel, is changing the way people discover new music. To review their sessions, including Chris Shiflett’s three new songs available on May 7, visit or

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