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Jimmie Vaughan at the Toyota Center

Photos & Words by Richard Roesler

September 17, 2021 - It was great to finally get to photograph live music again, to walk down the stairs, to feel the energy, watch the artist interact with the audience through the lens.  I made a couple of rookie mistakes, running out of space on the card, thankfully not too far before we had to move back to the holding area upstairs.  I was a bit rusty for Jimmie I admit, chasing the light.  I guess

I have a preparation pattern even if it was 19 months since I photographed a show.  Batteries are always an at home, but camera check out is done at the venue, prior to the show.  Im thankful for whomever changed their mind as I was denied a week earlier.  Thank you!  
Till next time
Richard Roesler
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