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Blue October, 94.5 The Buzz & Dos Equis Halloween Weekend Bash

Photos & Words by Richard Roesler

October 30, 2021 - So I’ve gotten to photograph 3 artist in 2021, it’s been amazing to feel the rush of power as the lights go down, the expectation.  Now as I’m finally sitting down to put pen to paper, well now it’s finger to keyboard.  First show I had a bit of nerves, it had been 19 months or 545 days, but Blue October I’ve been allowed to photograph 2 times previously and the entire show both times!  That’s not regular for most bands, nor was I expecting it post-covid.  It was a bit surreal coming up on Bayou Music Center for the first time since 2019, I had planned on eating at Hard Rock Cafe.  You can tell I missed a memo somewhere, but there were no restaurants of any kind.  I guess it really hasn’t been that long since the music returned.

Also while I’ve been waiting around I posted another image of Justin I had planned on just having on All Access Music News site. Ended up posting it Friday, I got up Saturday and it was shared on Blue October’s IG page!  I love that I get to take pictures to share, but it is cool when the artist acknowledges a image, but even better if they share it!  Your exposure for sure increases, but I like it because artist have seen so many pictures of themselves.  Still it would have been a bit cooler had they they linked it to me, even BillyG did.  But Blue October now join few others in sharing one of my images, it might gain me a follower.  Yet I hope to generate traffic to AAMN, now that I got rid of the spiders & cobwebs that appeared with life in 2020.  

So my first show in 2017, Justin had gone to the end of the stage right to entertainer the crowd so I took that moment to stick my camera across the stage into an area where he had been walking.  I was trying to get a decent shot of Jeremy, who would go on to become my 2nd drummer nemesis.  Anyway by the time I realize Justin was headed back and was almost on top of me, I jerked my camera back and backed away quickly!  He had already adjusted his path and waved me off as okay, I was trying to get a picture of his brother.  But still I knew better and since I wasn’t tossed out, I was able to get a cool shot of JF, not JF in the crowd later.  Blue October shows are always kick ass, so does anyone else think Justin may have a little Velociraptor in him.


Till next time,

Richard Roesler

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