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Black Label Society at Warehouse Live

Photos & Words by Richard Roesler

November 21, 2021 - I first got to photograph Zakk & The Doom Crew in January of 2018, the show itself was kick ass as expected, yet it was what happened that Im still proud I was part of!  I wish I’d have thought to record it.  The BLS show was scheduled at the House of Blues on the 15th, sadly that morning the music world had lost Delores O’Riordan of The Cranberries.  

We were already waiting in the pit for Black Label Society when House of Blues began playing Zombie.  I started quietly singing to myself, but heard others around me doing the same thing.  From there it just kept getting louder as more & more folks joined in paying tribute to Ms Delores until all of the HOB was singing Zombie!  It was one of the coolest things I’ve gotten to be a part of  since I been allowed to do this!

Fortunately for this evenings festivities a mixed version of War Pigs provided by either Warehouse Live or Zakk & BLS proceeded the curtain drop.  Which also had the whole place singing as well!  If you’re wondering how the show was, you either weren’t there or never been to a BLS show or you’d already know who it went.

Till Next Time

Richard Roesler


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Page 1 of 1 — 9 pictures in album