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 AAMN would like to thank our Texas correspondant, Mr. Richard Roesler for all his hard work and dedication in keeping this publication going during our absence.   

Jeff "Skunk" Baxter Goes Rockin at Troubadour

August 2, 2022---You know the old cliche about how older folks just sit around in their rocking chairs?  Well, that may be partially true.  Notice I said "partially', and that is clearly true in the case of Jeff "Skunk" Baxter.  Yes, he does perform, sitting in an ergonomic rocking chair but the rocking he does is not mearly in the kinetic sense.   The 73 year-old former member of Steely Dan and the Doobie Brothers is a rock star in every sense of the word and has earned an impressive array of awards for his skillfull guitar work including 2 Grammys and a place in the 2016 NAM TEC Hall of Fame.   If that isn't enough, his vast knowledge of ballistics and engineering, earned him a seat in our nation's defense think tank.  Here at AAMN, we have an affinity for dichomatous musicians.  That's why we LOVE Jeff "Skunk" Baxter!

When we heard that he was doing a summer west coast tour, promoting his new album, "Speed of Heat", we just had to launch out and see it in real time.  The album is a carefully-crafted, eclectic mosaic of tunes with featured artists such as Johnny Lang, Clint Black and the elegant Michael Mc Donald; exactly what you'd expect from "Skunk" Baxter.  Nothing ordinary. 

Now for the concert.  First of all, the historic Troubadour, snuggled tightly in the west Hollywood strip was where it all took place.  This is a cozy venue with concrete floors, a small balcony offering a few bench seats and walls boasting photos its past performing artists: The Eagles, Jackson Browne, Elton John, Ringo Starr and Linda Ronstadt to name a few.   Preceding Jeff's show as a band called Gooding which we  felt was worthy of a write-up so check back.  We'll have them up next.

Jeff began the show playing the first track off his album called "Ladies From Hell" which is all about fierce Scottsmen coming over the hills in their kilts.  The song takes you on a visual journey of it.  You can just see them.   He went on to perform several songs from his album and told stories about each of them, bantering back and forth with his ingenious keyboard engineer, CJ Vanston.  Big kudos to his talented and critically-acclaimed cohorts; bassist Hank Horton, drummer Mark Damian and singing duo Kipp and Marky Lennon.  There was no suffering through songs to hear the "big hits".  All of the tunes were wonderful and the encore came all too quickly, ending of course with a clean and lovely rendition of Rikki Don't Lose That Number, finsihing up with China Grove, country style...yee haw!  Only Jeff "Skunk" Baxter could add the unusual to the usual.  So delightful.  So refreshing. 

We'd like to add, what a pleasure it was to work with Mr. Baxter and his staff.  Mr. Wray: you're the best! They made this article and photo shoot possible with their kindness and hospitality.  ----written by Gina Sigman  



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